Our mind has a tendency to lose information. why does if forget ? in spite of it supposedly being so powerful, There is a simple principle of recollection and memory for the brain.
Use it or lose it!
If the information you’re tried and grasped, has no immediate use, it will be lost from the current memory. This does not mean you’ll forget it completely but yes, most of it. In fact the mind loses as much as 75% of the learnt matter within one day of studies.
Picture this situation – you are pushing a car up a slope. You push it upto 2/3 of the slope and then pause to take rest. You take such a long break that the car rolls back to the starting point! The next time you’ll have to reach the end of the slope! Do you get the point!
What is the solution ? The solution is simple. Don’t take such long breaks. That’s what we do so often with our studies. We study something by heart and then bury it away only to find a month later that most of it is lost.


Revision just means a speed reading through the chapter followed by recollection. If this is followed religiously, you will see the impact – you’ll soon develop an amazing memory. Using this QRM you can keep your memory at a constant level. The QRM involves a simple method of frequent revision:-

  • The day you’re learnt something, revise it once more. Make sure you know it as well.
  • at the end of the week go through it.
  • Once again at the end of the month revise it and keep doing this every month

A Tip

When the teacher leaves the class, it is a chance for one more quick revision of what was taught with your friend sitting beside you in class. Similarly, when the teacher comes in next day, you can actually revise what was taught the last time quickly.


Download a MS Excel Sheet of the QRM Planner and print it out. This will help you know what you’re to study on a particular day. Too much of paper work ? It’s more than worth it!.